Lane Castle has championed support for the arts, initially through its promotion of local artistic talent by offering artists from across South East London the unique opportunity to have their work displayed on the P&B Cultural Showcase website.

Subsequently Lane Castle commissioned local sculptor Ekkhard Altenburger to create a piece to take pride of place on the riverfront: Cochlea, a work using stone from 3 different sources, is now in place for residents and the public to enjoy.

Lane Castle has managed the refurbishment of listed and historic buildings, including the overhaul of a C14 church and the complete transformation of a neglected, substantial grade 2 listed Georgian country house.

Lane Castle’s vision of creating an online virtual gallery became a reality with the launch of Paynes & Borthwick Gallery. A first-of-its-kind opportunity for artists and designers to work with a digital medium to create works for a high quality online space, which was fully immersive in real time. A programme of exhibitions followed, involving some of the most respected artists in their field.

“We had always wanted to create an online experience of our gallery. Engaging with Futurecity and art practice Rubedo, meant our vision could be realized and a programme of exciting
exhibitions curated.”

-Mark O’Grady